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Roof Restoration Sydney

In Australia cements tiles are widely used on house roofs, as these tiles are the oxide coloured glazing wears off, and the tiles become porous which allows dampness into the roof space by re-coating the tiles with a roof membrane, tiles are sealed where extends their life and protects the home underneath for years to come!

  1. Your roof is inspected for damaged tiles loose or missing bedding pointing, damaged tiles are replaced pointing is repaired or replaced.
  2. Clean. The roof space is high pressure cleaned then treated with anti-mould agents to remove mould spurs and Lachin.
  3. Re-bed, re-point. Ridge capping is re-bedded where required ridge capping is then repointed with a flexible acrylic pointing mix.
  4. Primer/sealer. The entire roof is sealed to ensure strong adhesion with the roof membrane coating.
  5. Roof membrane. Two coat application or roof membrane provides ultimate protection durability and weatherproofing

We also offer soft house washing and pressure cleaning for brickwork, sandstones, concrete …

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